5 Tips on securing your computer from viruses and malwares…

Computer viruses, malwares, adwares and so on….this is a never ending problem. When your computer goes slow and does unusual behaviour, there is a possibility of virus or malware infection. I have come across to many occasion removing viruses and malware from personal computers. Here are my tips on how you can protect your computer and precious data from viruses.

1. Install quality antivirus.

Everybody knows it – but few do not care about it yet! Your computer must have a quality antivirus software, even though your OS defend against these threats. OS level virus defender is available, but not good enough. I have come across to many home computer users who do not have antivirus or malware protection. This is your first step towards keeping your computers virus free. Your PC Guy can help you install and configure best of the AV software in the market.

2. Keep your antivirus software up-to-date.

Make sure that your antivirus software, once installed, is configured to download most recent virus definitions so that you are covered against the most recent threats.

3. Do not open unfamiliar attachments.

We all get tons of spam emails these days, and some of them come with email attachment. If you are unsure who has sent you the email, my advice is NOT to open the attachments. Hackers practice this method often. They will send you an attachment file with some attractive offerings – you will be tempted to open the file, and if you open it – alas! A virus has just arrived in your computer!! If you are unsure, just delete the email.

4. Backup your data.

The best thing you can do is to back up your data – all of them. Why? In case of an unfortunate event, due to the virus infection, if you need to format your computer and re-load the operating system, you can always restore your last known uninfected files from the backup. Ideally you will have your data in three places: the place where you work on it, on a separate storage device and off-site.

5. Secure your network.

Most of us now a day connect to files, printers and internet wirelessly. It is important that your WI-FI connection is secure. Do not ever use your cat’s name or your favourite food dish name as your WI-FI password!! If intruders are able to crack your password, they can easily install malicious software on your computer to steal your data or banking password.

Lastly, it is also important to upgrade your antivirus software apart from just renewing it every year. When you renew your subscription, you are just renewing the subscription…. You are not upgrading your antivirus software.

When you buy recommended Norton antivirus software from us, we make sure it is upgraded to the latest version at the renewal time. Contact Your PC Guy today for the deal.

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