New desktops and laptops

Technologies are changing. It may be the time you need to replace your desktop or laptop to higher specs...

Why you should replace your computer? Take an example of Windows operating system. It has evolved from Win 95 to Win 98 - ME - XP - Vista - Win 7 - Win 8 - Win 10 and ultimately to Windows 11 !! At each version upgrade, the software becomes more and more feature rich, capable of doing amazing things - but what about your computer and laptop? Is it capable enough to run newer versions of operating system?

We have seen lot many cases where our customers have upgraded their operating system to the most up-to-date version but their desktop/laptop become slower to respond. And in many cases we found that it is because the hardware is not up to the mark. That's why you need to replace your desktop/laptop over a period of time.

Or simply, your requirements has grown! You are a small/medium sized business and expanding - you require high performance computers to cater your ever expanding list of software. Whatever the case may be, we can meet your requirements.

Computer support AucklandYour PC Guy can advise you on buying new computer and even supply at the most competitive rates. Each customer has its own requirement. A young kiddo at home would be interested in high end gaming computer, a business person would require well-spec laptop that takes care of daily accounting, emails, MS WORD, Presentation etc., while a grandpa at home would need a desktop just for facebook and skype...

We will build a computer - exactly as per your requirements. Not only that, we will install operating system of your choice and transfer your data from old computer.

Alternatively, we can source computers/laptop of your desired brand from our trusted wholesalers at most competitive pricing.