Home network and broadband

Computer networking, perticualary WI-FI networking has developed a lot in last 10 years. It is not just businesses benefitting from computer networking, now a days you can setup a home network using your router and gain similar access of services that businesses get. Thanks to the easy available WI-FI components, home networking is easier than ever. With broadband and fibre internet now available to all, it seems unimaginable for many homes to have computers without enjoying all the benefits wireless networking has to offer.

Home/office network services

We will come at your home or business and setup WI-FI network. Connect all your WI-FI enabled devices to the network. We can also setup a “Public” folder so that you can share your documents, photos, videos and music on the network. We can also setup your printer with network, so that you can print from your laptop, tablet, mobile and computer.