Computer upgrades and repairs

Do you ever feel your computer or laptop running slow? Is your computer heating up all the time? That DVD drive does not respond? Or wi-fi is not connecting?

All these problems can be fixed by just replacing the hardware components. It does not require to replace the computer.

Choosing the right upgrades - some examples.....


Increasing RAM in older computers/laptop can show the biggest difference in performance. If you are running multiple programs on your computer with less RAM, the performance will be compromised. Choosing the larger capacity RAM module could be the answer to your slow computers!

Graphic cards

Graphic processing in your computer uses RAM. If you are seeing lots of videos or using graphic design softwares or playing those graphic intensive games on your computer, then upgrading graphic card can boost the performance of you computer, as the dedicated graphic cards will have its own RAM.

Hard disk

With technological advancement, you now have a choice to upgrade your hard disk with SSD version. Solid State Drive(SSD) is at least 10x faster in terms of reading and writing compared to traditional hard drives. Your computing experience will be much more faster when you upgrade to SSD drives.

Your PC Guy will take care of all your computer upgrade and repair jobs.

  • Hard disk - SSD and SATA
  • Optical drive upgrade (DVD and Blue Ray drives)
  • RAM upgrade
  • Computer/laptop power supply
  • Motherboard
  • Computer case replacement
  • Laptop repairs and screen replacement
  • Laptop upgrade
  • Router upgrade