Data backup and recovery

Data Backup

We have seen lot many cases where people do not have any data backup plan in place. This leave them vulnerable to data loss at some stage and hence, spending money on recovery. Why not to have a solid backup plan in place, so that you can enjoy a good night sleep!

data_backupThere are many options when it comes to backup. Your PC Guy will evaluate your requirements and suggest a tailor made plan for the job.



Your options are – manual backup, automated & scheduled backup or cloud backup. We will also configure the backup plan to include specific data, like your family photos, your accounting data or important reports.

Data recovery

We know how frustrating it could be when you have lost your precious family photos forever or accidently deleted that important report for which you are working for months!

data_recoveryYour PC Guy has expertise in some software based recovery tools and can attempt to recover your data onsite. If onsite recovery is not possible, we will take your storage device to our partner recovery professional in Auckland.


We can provide you with:

  • Assessment of recovery options
  • Recovery of deleted files from a drive in good working order
  • Recovery of data from a damaged or dysfunctional hard drive

Data Transfer

Your PC Guy will help you transfer your existing data onto newly purchased desktop/laptop. We will also migrate your email accounts, including emails and contact list.